Casa di Campagna

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Did you begin your business in another venue?
    No, we have always been at this location in The Crossroads since our inception.
  2. Are you opening up any other locations?
    No, we want to keep our focus and energy around one site so we can continue to provide owner’s “hands-on” customer service.
  3. Do you ship?
    Yes, we use Fedex Ground direct from the store for those items that aren’t too large.
  4. Are you planning to sell from your website?
    No, due to the constant change in everyday and seasonal merchandise, we’ve chosen to keep our energy dedicated to in-store inventories and customer service. We will gladly respond to inquiries and orders via email and phone calls.
  5. Do you provide "in home" design consultations?
    After evaluating, we will travel off-site when a project is large enough.